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Who The Hell Are We?

If you’re reading this, it means you haven’t recoiled in disgust from our “shameful” or “disgusting” greeting cards (thanks for the feedback, Mom). Congrats on getting this far.

Punk Paperie was conceived in a windowless basement in Hoboken, New Jersey, to the sounds of drunk Mario Kart and the smells of drank PBR. Funnily enough, Adam was conceived the same way. (Sidenote: Adam is one of the co-founders. Josh is the other, and writing this).

Adam and I met a few years back whilst working for The Man, having bonded over being assholes to each other, and being born in places that can kill you. Me - Australia, Adam - Baltimore.

adam punk paperie
Adam hard at work

Punk Paperie was created from our need for greeting cards that reflected the feelings of sick fucks like you, and us. We recognized that sometimes you’d like to tell your friend "Happy Birthday, Fuckface", and other times you’d like to call a one-year-old a lazy sack of shit. It’s human nature.

Josh hard at park

So, person with cash to spend, that’s who we are. We sincerely hope you enjoy the cards. We’re not even remotely talented so we put a lot of work into making them. We’d be super-stoked if you made a purchase, but even a post on social media that you enjoyed the cards would make our week. At the end of the day we’re just doing this to fulfil our disgusting and insatiable need to be liked.

Yours desperately,
Adam & Josh
Punk Paperie, LLC