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12-Card Big Box

12-Card Big Box


Grab a Big Box and you're set for the entire year. No need to wander aimlessly through Papyrus for at least the next twelve months.

Also, you get a discount and we do less work. It's a win-win.

This box contains:

1 x Happy Birthday - Death is Inevitable
1 x Happy Birthday - This Card is a Social Obligation
1 x Happy Birthday - Fuckface
1 x Happy Wedding Day - I Owe Someone 20 Bucks
1 x Happy Anniversary - This is Very Important to Me
1 x Get Well Soon - Funerals are Expensive
1 x Thank You - Did You Keep the Receipt?
1 x Congrats on Graduating - You Did What Was Expected of You
1 x Merry Christmas - Ho
1 x Happy Valentine's Day - Safe Word is "Taco"
1 x Happy Mother's Day - From Your Masterpiece
1 x Happy Father's Day - Your Parenting Has Been Sufficient

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